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Septic Tank Maintenance in Charters Settlement, NB

A Well Earned Reputation

As a residential waste water professional, M.S.G.C. Ltd. assesses why a system has "failed" before proceeding further. This crucial step generally sets us apart from the competition. Both longevity and economics are factored into our assessment process. Knowledge for the homeowner regarding maintenance is critical for the longevity of any system. 


When potential failures are properly assessed, it may be determined that a full replacement is not the best option. The assessment process with regards to maintenance should focus on diet, current loading rate weighted against the original design criteria, unacceptable foreign liquids entering the system such as - abnormal amounts of bleach, solvents, cleaning fluids; filter cleaning, drains and "P" traps focusing on hair restrictions.


Proper and timely pumping can extend well beyond the commonly accepted cycle of 3-4 year intervals. Also in today's market, the quality of the paper products entering the tank are contributing to their failure to break down properly. Commonly, in sharp contrast to what is written on the packaging, not all T.P. products break down properly in the tank, but rather layer and only partly submerge, thus restricting and at times preventing fecal matter from reaching the bottom of the tank, and building up as sediment, which is the primary reason we pump septic tanks.


NOTE: There is a way to check the amount of sediment buildup inside the septic tank, which indicates when pumping should be performed. Do you know what it is?


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