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This Non-conventional Field Replacement Product May Save the Esthetics of Your Property.

Unlike Advanced Treatment Units, A.T.U.'S (ie; singular green), the Enviro-septic product is still treating the effluent, just prior to entering the native soil structure. (Singular Green, with the aid of U.V. lite brings the B.O.D. countdown to 5 before it enters the soil structure). What primarily sets the Enviro-septic product apart from conventional systems is its overall footprint and its ability to bring the B.O.D. count somewhere between 5-10 after releasing the polished effluent through a specific imported sand structure as per the manufacturer's recommendations. The Enviro-septics pipe structure is 12" in diameter as compared with what is commonly a 4" pipe in a conventional system. As well, the Enviro-septic may also be placed within 18" of a soil structure that's previously been accessed as the "limiting factor" (ie: clay), whereas the requirement in a conventional system is 4' (48") Huge dependency.


We have installed several of these systems. References can be supplied.


Currently, there is no course offering for Non-Conventional installers, therefore, the product must be engineered for regulatory approval and accompanied with the appropriate drawings for each project.


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